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Public health

1. Public health : women health

Pawanshree healthcare strongly holds the view that access to these services can dramatically change women's chances. Through this program, we engage millions of women and girls living in some of the most developed and underdeveloped areas, with easy access and a culturally acceptable maternal and reproductive health protection system.

Our maternal health care approach follows ongoing care from pre-pregnancy care to postnatal care. Through mobile health clinics, health camps, and community health workers, we reach women living in underserved areas, and provide them with basic services at their doorstep. We provide pregnant women with easy access to high-quality prenatal care and make them understand the importance of institutional delivery. We establish and strengthen ties with the government system to ensure that mothers and newborns are followed after delivery. We raise awareness of proper nutrition during pregnancy and lactation, hygiene measures during childbirth, and proper birth spacing to improve women's health.

Reproductive health is also an important part of our work. We raise awareness of various reproductive health issues and empower women and girls with the right information so they can make the right decisions. We strive to increase access to reproductive health services and engage men as active partners.

2. Child Health Services

Focuses on issues related to the health and care of newborns, children, youth, and their families, including illness, disability, complex needs, well-being, quality of life, and mental health care in various environments. Pawanshree Healthcare works closely with state and central governments and other partner organizations to ensure that underserved communities have access to high-quality maternal and child health services. We are committed to identifying the root causes of healthcare challenges, providing innovative solutions, and helping to implement safe and quality healthcare services in India. Pawanshree Healthcarebelieves that healthy mothers and babies are the way to productive developed countries. Therefore, Pawanshree Healthcare is especially focused on providing comprehensive solutions to public health problems.

Pawanshree Healthcare Primary Health Care Services include:

Primary Care

  • Fevers, Cold, Infections
  • Weakness
  • Gastroenteritis, Typhoid, Cholera, Dysentery
  • Acute and chronic diseases
  • Food poisoning
  • Injuries
  • Pains

All types of Immunization and vaccinations like

  • Hepatitis B
  • Typhoid Vaccine
  • MMR Vaccine


  • Hypertensive and Diabetic checkup
  • Screening test for travelers
  • Master Health checkups
  • Monthly checkups for pregnant women

Telemedicine network

Information and communication technology (ICTs) has great potential to address some of the challenges that both developed and developing countries provide access to affordable, and high-quality health services. Telemedicine uses ICTs to overcome local barriers, and increase access to health care services. This is of great benefit to rural and underprivileged communities - groups traditionally suffer from lack of access to health care.

Telemedicine Network is cheapest as well as fastest way to bridge the rural- urban health divide. We have the team of super specialist doctors of different discipline on daily basis. Telemedicine are associated with different hospitals across the country, and many doctors are voluntarily providing their services through our project.

Telemedicine successfully enabled to help people from rural areas for the check-up which is very minimal rate and any one can afford this amount. Our main motto is to help people from rural areas and unnoticed population.

The Telemedicine Services comprise a two-pronged approach:

Patient end-

Located at community health centre manned by paramedic and equipped with computers with video call conferencing facility, telemedicine software and diagnostics.

Doctor end-

Located with specialists and paramedics equipped with a computer connected with video call conferencing facility and telemedicine software.

Key Advantages of Telemedicine
  • Address the issues on shortages of specialists in PHCs
  • Facilitate access to specialists for the underserved & un-served population
  • Reduce Non-Communicable Diseases like Acute Diarrhea, Bacillary Dysentery, Viral Hepatitis etc,
  • Bring transparency & accountability in healthcare
  • Maintain detailed Electronic Health Records (EHR) that make health information instantly accessible
  • Reduce Morbidity due to Injuries and Acute & chronic Illnesses
  • Traceability down to each individual patient’s every medication dose


1. Paramedics

We at Pawanshree Healthcare believe in education that allows resources to carry out their work through live action. Choose a qualified EMT to educate about emergency and pre-hospital care. Education includes initial assessment, patient history physical examination, communication skills, record keeping and documentation. They were also trained to handle heart emergencies.

2. Nurses

Pawanshre healthcare pays close attention to the choice of nurses due to the important characteristics of the profession. Nurses generally have a nursing degree Not only were they trained to work with patients and doctors, but they were also trained to develop a "nursing management" plan. Due to the nature of this profession, some soft and inherent traits are required, so at Pawanshree Healthcare nurses are regularly educated on the following aspects to stay in sync

  • Emotionally stable
  • Be empathetic
  • Be patient
  • Maintain health and safety guidelines
  • Prevent pollution, etc.

3. General

In addition to special education, Pawanshree Healthcare also offers regular general education. Such education is provided quarterly to all field employees, including pilots, EMTs, nurses, call center officers and office employees. In Softskills, communication and medical terms, education on a variety of topics such as patient care and nursing skills is also provided to help field employees recognize and motivate all aspects.


Telemedicine Uttar Pradesh

Good health is everybody’s right. While we ensure to bring you the best quality of dairy products that will take care of your health, we also know that our vision to truly nourish India requires commitment at the grass-root level. To make a deeper impact where it is needed the most, we regularly spearhead projects that would benefit the society.

Making Good-Quality Healthcare Accessible to Rural India Through Telemedicine

Providing good-quality healthcare in rural India has its own challenges including geographical constraints and lack of infrastructure. With telemedicine, we can bridge the gap between rural India, and affordable healthcare. By partnering with rural Primary Healthcare Centers, Doctors, and other third-party providers, we made online and affordable medical consultation available to more than 6,00,000 people via a simple process:

A patient walks into a PHC

Our team of specialists create an online profile for them and matches them with our partner doctor

The doctor provides consultation via a video call and prescribes medicines.

After a successful run in 14 districts of Uttar Pradesh, we now plan to expand this initiative to other parts of India

Telemedicine Madhya Pradesh

The key objectives are to provide Tele Medicine services are as follows:

  • To provide quality healthcare services through telemedicine (medical consults through eHealth Platform) for the benefits of last mile population at the Rural PHC’s, where the availability of specialist’s doctors is limited.
  • To facilitate the general practitioners (GP/ MBBS) with expert medical opinion on various specialties and for varied ailments.
  • To improve the accessibility of quality healthcare services through qualified medical professionals (PGMOs & Specialists) and eliminate distance barriers resulting in reduction of patients travel cost and\ time.
  • To support medical education through virtual means, by sharing of best practices and capacity

building of doctors in the region by interaction with experienced professionals in respective discipline.

The project consist of designing, development, supply, installation, implementation, operationalization, commissioning, management & maintenance of end to end Telemedicine services in the proposed Hub and Spoke Model for the state of Madhya Pradesh.

The objective is to provide Telemedicine Services at 652 Rural PHC’s in Madhya Pradesh covering 31 districts. Each of these PHC’s is designated as ‘Spokes’. Each of these Spokes will be assigned to Four (4) Divisions within the state of Madhya Pradesh.
Bhopal & Ujjain
Indore & Gwalior

The Hub & Spoke model intends to provide Telemedicine services across the below mentioned specialties only:

  • General Medicine
  • Obstetrics & Gynecology
  • Pediatrics

We have deployed telemedicine (video) software with Clinical Decision Support System (CDSS). Medical Records should comply with Electronic Health Records (EHR) Guidelines issued by Ministry of Health and Family Welfare, Government of India and SNOMED CT. CDSS is being used at both Hub and Spokes level. At the Hub is utilized by Specialist doctors and at Spokes is used by Medical Officers. The Telemedicine Solution shall was built with open source technology and capable of API integration.

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